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  • Do you sell on Facebook?

  • Do most of your customers reach out to you via Messenger?

  • Do you find it challenging to engage and talk to your users instantaneously?

  • Do you feel the lack of real-time user-engagement is costing you sales?

  • Do you want to automate your conversations and increase operational-efficiency?

Introducing EVA

EVA will manage your business by performing 3 fundamental tasks

EVA is your very own Virtual Assistant built to change the way you communicate with your users via Facebook Messenger. EVA lets you engage your user when they want to talk to you the most. EVA will simplify two-way conversations, track your product lifecycle and ultimately grow your business. Integrating EVA into Facebook Messenger is simple. Simply send us your contact details by clicking the below button and one of our team members will reach out to you to setup a demo so that you may get your own personalized Virtual Assistant.



Questions or feedback about your product or service on Facebook can tend to be one-sided. With structured conversations, EVA aligns all users into a simple funnel that will increase user-engagement and user-conversions.



The hardest part about running an efficient Facebook store is performing tasks that happen after an order is placed. With EVA, that process becomes much easier. Through our dashboard, you can delegate and monitor all requisite actions to existing staff members. However, if you are a one-person army, you can still keep track of different stages of the process yourself until delivery.



What better success-metric could you wish for than a highly satisfied customer? EVA enables that goal through simplicity and task-delegation. Furthermore, EVA tracks all touch-points of a product lifecycle from order request to delivery so that you may use this data in the future to increase both efficiency and productivity.

Any Airlines Virtual Assistant


EVA to the rescue

EVA can manage many aspects of your business


There are so many moving parts during an ordering process that can go wrong. EVA can simplify all those processes by implementing simple, efficient solutions, at different stages of a product’s ordering lifecycle.

24/7 Customer service

EVA never needs to take a break. Our Virtual Assistant will always be there to talk to your users and alleviate most of their pain points. This would further engage your users with your products and improve your purchase funnel and ROI.


As a merchant you can configure conversations between EVA and your users based on frequently asked questions, product catalogues and numerous internal process requirements to further optimize user touch points.


The future in optimizing customer service is by investing in smart data, and so should you. Data helps you prepare for a better tomorrow, today. We collect data on user inputs, user touch points, and internal processes and provide you with a value addition to improve your overall business.

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EVAinmotion.com is the interactive and informational hub for EVA (Extrogene Virtual Assistant). Business owners looking to simplify their Conversational Commerce processes will reap benefits by using our Virtual Assistant. EVA is a product of Extrogene Software (Pvt) Ltd, Sri Lanka.

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